To add yiiclipse to your PDT installation use one the following update site:

For Eclipse Neon:

Update Site (STABLE):

For Eclipse Photon (2018):

Update Site (STABLE):


Update Site (DEVELOPMENT):


Istallation step by step

Installation details for Aptana users

Adding yii framework support to existing PHP project

Just open context menu on your project and choose Configure > Toggle Yii support

After successfully switching on yii support you should see yii logo decoration on right-top corner of you project’s icon.

Installation step by step

Yiiclipse is Eclipse plugin and is installed via Update Site mechanism. In order to add new update site one need to go to “Install New Software” under “Help” top menu item (as shown below)

Than press “Add” button and put “Yiiclipse” as Name, and “″ as Location. After accepting below form should appear.

After selecting Yiiclipse whole tree and press finish button all other required plugins should be installed automatically.

Installation details for Aptana users

As Aptana does not use PHP Development Tools under the hood there is not possible to install Yiiclipse without installing previously PDT. PDT in turn requires DLTK to be installed.

The following steps must be taken to install PDT:

  • Go to Help -> Install new software.. and click “Available software sites”. Than activate “Eclipse Update Site”, add PDT update site (
  • First from the Eclipse Update Site install “Dynamic Languages Toolkit Core Frameworks”
  • After that from the PDT Update Site install “PHP Development Tools (PDT) Runtime Feature”
  • Now you can install Yiiclipse