New Yii Application Wizard

New Yii project wizard

In order to setup new yii application you need just use “New Yii project” wizard. With couple of basic step you will have initial application in your workspace.

File > New > Project > Yiiclipse > New Yii project

First page of wizard is for choosing project’s name. Second one is elaborate where you can configure project with chosen yii framework version and initialize application with one of archetype application.

Yii framework location

You may choose to use local copy of framework, or download fresh copy. In case of downloading you can additionally initialize application with one of application comes with each yii release.

New Yii project configuration

Downloading yii framework

During creation of new yii based application you can download chosen release of Yii Framework. Whilst this option is chosen the most recent stable release is preselected. You have to point directory where framework will be extracted. Moreover for sake of code completion it is good to remove yiilite.php file which being indexed duplicates completion and navigation entries (it is recommended to leave this option checked).

Application initializing

The following options are avaliable:

  • None – empty application
  • Hello world – just simple application
  • Blog – most comprehensive example
  • Hangman – basically “hangman” game
  • Phonebook – flex based application, backended with yii